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Welcome to Saada Inc, a leading Edmonton based company serving clients throughout Alberta. We take pride in delivering advanced telecommunications solutions that instill confidence and provide peace of mind.

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Our Story

Since our inception in 2017, we've earned a distinguished reputation as one of the region's leading providers of telecommunications solutions, and it's a privilege to serve our community in this capacity.

In early 2019, in response to our clients’ evolving needs and fortified by their continued trust and confidence in our services, we extended our services to include shallow utility installations. This expansion was driven by our commitment to offering a more holistic and integrated solution, ensuring a seamless blend of excellence and reliability in addressing the multifaceted needs of our clients.

As we push forward to evolve and enhance our services to meet our clients’ needs, 2021 marked another milestone with the incorporation of design build services. With a team of qualified professionals leading the way, we now confidently and accurately craft infrastructure solutions catering to both the power and telecom sectors, specializing in fiber-to-the-home solutions. Our continuous growth signifies our unwavering commitment to adapt and innovate, ensuring precise and reliable solutions in every aspect of our offerings.

We understand the importance of fostering trust and maintaining an elevated level of quality in our services, and we’re dedicated to delivering solutions that are turnkey, safe, reliable and cost effective for our clients.

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